Did you know that Pocket Gamer has a French cousin? PocketGamer.fr has been around since 2008, bringing news and reviews to our more stylish counterparts across the channel.

After a series of meetings between important people, PocketGamer.fr has just merged with fellow French mobile gaming site JmobiL.

The important people in question include Chris James, MD of Steel Media; Nicolas Gavet, former editor of PocketGamer.fr and now senior contributor; Julien Roy, founder of JmobiL and now editor of PocketGamer.fr; and Joao Diniz Sanches, editor-in-chief of Pocket Gamer and veteran polyglot.

The upshot of the merger for you, the readers, is that PocketGamer.fr will soon enjoy an uptick in content for iPhone, smartphone, and handheld games. So if you like to get your daily dose of portable news, reviews, and features in French, your life is about to improve considerably.

Let's hear it from the key players:

“I’m very excited about the next few months. This is precisely the sort of partnership we’ve been looking for ever since we first set foot in the French market,” says Chris James.

“Julien is well-respected, well-connected and ideally placed to head up our French operations, helping us to grow from our strong combined base in order to emulate the success that we’ve enjoyed with the English-language site.”

And from Julien:

“I’m very proud to join the Pocket Gamer team in its great work of bringing high quality handheld gaming journalism to the French-speaking audience.

“With the support of Steel Media and the new team composed of both games and mobile games specialists, the brand new PocketGamer.fr holds all the keys to succeed.”

For more information, read the full press release on the Steel Media site.