Nokia's forthcoming flagship device, the N8, still won't be with us for another few months, but we're already seeing signs of an intriguing successor.

Perhaps 'successor' is the wrong word, but the newly leaked (well, it seems genuine) Nokia N9 follows the N8 numerically at least. Underneath the ostensibly similar hood, though, it's quite a different beast.

Chief among the differences is the OS it runs on. While the N8 runs the latest iteration of Symbian, the newly revealed N9 is Nokia's first MeeGo-powered device.

MeeGo is the name given to the convergence of Intel's Moblin and Nokia's Maemo systems. Hence, combined with the N9's physical QWERTY keyboard, the device appears to be a natural successor to the N900 rather than an N8 usurper.

Here's hoping Nokia supports this versatile slider better than the last.

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