With the announcement of the Nintendo 3DS yesterday, it's perhaps no surprise that other companies may be following suit with hardware updates this year.

Lazard Capital’s Colin Sebastian predicts that there will be a true successor to the PSP announced as early as this spring. He also said the Wii's successor will also be announced before this year is out.

In his report Sebastian stated, “While 3D games remain on the drawing board and not yet on store shelves, the emergence of new 3D game platforms could breathe more life into the hardware market.

"We expect Sony to announce a new PSP handheld device this spring, and Nintendo is likely to announce an updated console in the coming year, which could also help to reinvigorate the market.”

It will be intersting to see Sony's move regarding the 3DS. When IGN questioned John Koller, SCEA's director of hardware and marketing, about the 3DS, Koller said (amongst other things), "...we know we have a hit with 3D on PS3 and we're going to concentrate our efforts there."

Will Sony stand back and let Nintendo take on true '3D' handheld gaming, or will this year turn out to be the year of 3D for all?

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