There's plenty going on when it comes to innovation with music-based games.

Appy Entertainment is breaking out the charts with Tune Runner, while PastaGames and Bulkypix are doing something cute and classic with Maestro Green Groove. Even Tapulous is mixing things up with Riddim Ribbon.

Still, I've not seen anything quite like Big Blue Bubble's Thumpies.

For one thing, the artwork is wonderfully grotesque. For another, the action is sort of like drumming, as you have to tap mushrooms in time to the bouncing of the monsters.

The better you do, the higher your Thump-o-Meter will rise, which is how you complete levels. You can also unlock more creepy creatures by collecting different coloured butterflies, but be warned. If you're not fast enough, the hungry Thumpies will eat them.

Big Blue Bubble neatly describes the whole thing as a rhythm game crossed with juggling; I'm adding ugly juggling.

You can get an idea how it works and looks in the following video.

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Alternatively check out the Thumpies' website. Thumpies is out now, priced $2.99, €2.39 or £1.79.