LG has become the latest mobile phone manufacturer to enter the realm of environmentally-friendly technology with the announcement of the GD510 ‘Pop’.

Boasting a 3-megapixel camera with video recording, a 3-inch touchscreen, Bluetooth connectivity and expandable memory via microSD cards, the Pop is a world apart from the somewhat unimpressive eco-phones that LG’s rivals have been busy promoting.

Sadly it lacks wi-fi and 3G support, but saving the planet doesn’t come easy.

The phone’s surprisingly snazzy exterior is a little at odds with the environmental message its creator is trying to support, but it’s constructed from recycled materials and even features a charger that automatically shuts off when the phone is full of juice.

These are neat ways of reducing your carbon footprint and making you feel a little bit better about all the fluffy animals that are suffering in the world, but by far the most impressive aspect of the entire package is the proposed solar panel battery cover.

This attaches to the phone and is alleged to supply over 2 minutes of talk time (or 180-minutes on standby) after a mere ten minutes in direct sunlight.

The pricing of both the handset and the optional solar panel hasn’t been revealed yet, but the phone is expected in October so eco-warriors everywhere should walk (not drive - that would be ecologically unsound) to their local mobile phone dealers and camp outside.