Nintendo, being Nintendo, has started releasing games from small developers in what we're calling its 'DSiWare Minis' program, without telling anyone about it.

Last week it released Nnooo's Pop+ Solo; a popping bubbles game in which you have make long chains to keep the time alive. It costs 500 Nintendo Points ($5 or £4.50)

This week's bizarre nugget is called Oscar in Toyland, and it can only be described as the one of the most psychedelically colourful experiences you'll ever see on a Friday afternoon.

Looking at the screenshots might be enough to tip you over the edge of a trip.

Developed by UK studio Virtual Playground, it places you in the shoes of Oscar as he walks, runs, jump, swims, and flies (once you've found the wings pack), through the worlds of Candy, Cherry Pop, Amusement Park, Board Games, and Fairytales.

So far, so Mario....

Collectables included springy shoes, a shield, a ball & chain, speed up shoes, a mysterious potion, a clock, and Oscar's secret weapon - his magical yo-yo. With this you can swing from one area to another and zap enemies.

Still, it’s the amazingly vibrant colour scheme that really stands out.

Check out the video below.

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Oscar in Toyland is out now on the European DSiWare store, priced 800 Nintendo Points ($8, £7.20).