Remember those days when computer and video magazines used to have a whole section dedicated to the hints, tips, maps, cheats and even pokes (oo-er missus) to land you with all manner of infinites and freebies.

Well, thanks to a rather candid discussion with publisher Freeverse, Pocket Gamer aims to recreate those days with a special feature on how to get ahead in iPhone action adventure game, Grunts.

So cast your conscience to the wind, and let's get cheatin'.

Grunts: Extra squad packs in maps:

Firstly, in Easy and Normal modes, you get an extra squad (maximum of Five) at the ends of the following levels:

  • Crowded Swamp
  • Street Fighter
  • Sarge Vs the Snipers
  • Field Sneaker, Outnumbered!
  • Military Mayhem
  • Tight Squeeze
  • Tower Offence
  • Tank Hunting 2

In Hard Mode only a few of these levels give extra squads and in Nnnnarrrgh mode there are none.

There are also extra squad packs hidden on the following levels:

Tree Hugging Head left from the start, the pack is directly below you (hit with a grenade).
Swamp Dash Just above the first pill box and before the machine gun turret. (hit with a grenade).
Tank Hunting Above the start point at the left. Shoot with Sniper Rifle.
Sniper Alley Right hand side, halfway down (hit with sniper rifle). Note: On this map, unless you're really good with the sniper rifle and can sneak around taking out all the snipers while avoiding the tank, it's usually safer to just rush for the LZ.
Sarge Makes a break Directly right of the sniper rifle near the top of the map. Shoot or grenade.
Military Mayhem Left, near top of map. Shoot with sniper rifle.
Tank Trap Direct up and right of start point. Shoot with sniper rifle.
Tower Offence Hidden away in the middle of the map (hit with grenade).
Rapid Exit Directly to right of start point.
It's a Big Swamp - 1 Two in here. One just up and left from the start point(use grenades).
It's a Big Swamp - 2 ... and another towards the far right under the snipers (hit with sniper rifle).