Over on our sister site, PocketGamer.biz, Stu’s been chatting with new iPhone developer on the block Appy Entertainment about gaming, entertainment and the future of Apple.

Co-founder of Appy Entertainment Paul O’Conner is obviously a big believer in Apple’s handheld gaming platform (he started his own company focused on it, after all), but also sees grander projects on the horizon in the shape of Apple TV’s evolution into a living room games system.

“The user base is growing like crazy and I believe Apple has some game-changing surprises in store - for example, I fully expect them to make a flank march on the living room with game content via a repositioned Apple TV sometime in the next year or two,” says Paul, regarding the potential markets Appy Entertainment is looking toward.

PG.Biz has previously considered the possibility that Apple could expand its media centre system into a games console, after a patent application schematic hinted toward an App Store icon in the menu and a Wii-style controller.

Apple TV is a woefully underused system, which isn’t generally something Apple can be accused of, so its potential to evolve into a home console version of the iPhone is very exciting indeed.

Would you buy one?