A digital download service for DS is set to launch in Japan in March 2008, which will enable users to download films, TV programmes, books and manga to their console.

AM3 is launching the service, called DSVision, and the kit required to access it will go on sale in January. It comprises a USB reader/writer, 512MB Micro SD card and DS adaptor cartridge. Users purchase content from the DSVision website, accessible by computer, then transfer it to the SD card for use in the DS.

The kit will retail at Y3,890 (£17). Pricing for the content has yet to be confirmed, but the company is expecting to remain below Y1,000 (£4).

While the device and service is fully licenced by Nintendo, there's no news on whether games and demos will eventually be made available on it. There will, however, be around 300 titles at launch and this is expected to increase to 10,000 titles by 2010.

Currently there's no news on whether AM3 would be prepared to launch the service worldwide if it proves successful, but - with the right content (and appropriate licence deals) for other territories - there's no reason it couldn't. Digital distribution must be an avenue Nintendo itself will need to head down in the near future and no doubt it'll be keeping a close eye on the DSVision service. So will we, so watch this space for more news.