Back in July this year, Ubisoft announced it would be releasing a series of games targeted at girls aged six to 14 years old. Since then, we've had an assortment of titles so pink in nature that they would have boys of the same age reaching for a sick bucket, from Imagine Fashion Designer to Imagine Animal Doctor and, best of all, Imagine Babyz.

Now it's time to step into your Riedells, because Figure Skating (also known as Imagine Figure Skater) has carved its way onto Ubisoft's UK release schedule for early 2008.

In the game, players take control of a champion trying to balance her life between training, school and friends. Which sounds like a good way of preparing young girls for the challenges of creating a healthy work/life balance when they're older. Except they'll need to throw 'cleaning up after a lazy man' into that equation, too.

In the skating sections, the DS stylus will be used to perform jumps, spins and a variety of skating combinations.

We hope those combinations don't include the one David Seaman tried to do on ITV's Dancing on Ice when he smacked his female partner's face into the ice. Although that'd make for an interesting bonus level.

We'll have more on Figure Skating as soon as more news glides our way.