The mobile phone must surely be the most personalised chunk of technology ever. With hundreds of different models and millions of different digital decorations available, each handset is almost as unique as the hand that holds it.

But once you've got your limited edition mobile bedecked with wallpapers, ringtones, ringbacks and a video screensaver, what next?

The answer, according to Recreation Eden, is to start working on the exterior of the case, preferably with one of their Blyngs. Designed to stick to the outside of your handset, these colourful little objects come in a huge variety of designs, from colourful cartoons and logos for your favourite football club, to more subtle artistic patterns and considerably less subtle statements (e.g. bite me, babe, Mr. Big).

However, the real science bit comes into play when you receive a call or a text, at which point the Blyng bursts into life with a series of flashing LEDs rippling across its façade.

Guaranteed to attract attention (and, we're reliably informed by Recreation Eden, attract members of the opposite sex in bars and clubs), Blyngs are more than just a fashion fad, they could be health aids too. The 'wave absorb' technology runs on low-level radiation from the phone (so, no batteries required), actively absorbing the emissions.

Although Blyngs have been around for around for a while, they have previously been focused on very specific groups (i.e. teenage girls via retail chains such as Pilot and River Island, or clubbers via Pacha in Ibiza) and are only now beginning to expand to a wider audience. This new range even includes a batch of designs aimed at squarely gamers.

To check out Blyngs yourself or order your own flashy little radiation-sapping blighter, go to