N-Gage announcements are like buses – you wait absolutely ages for one and then a whole load come along at once.

At this E3, however, the queue of revelations is longer than the line of red double deckers that inch along Oxford Street (and if you've never been to London, that's a lot of buses!).

Not content with dumping six brand new games into our laps this morning, announcing deals with Gameloft and Taito, and offering us the first screenshots of the eagerly awaited Shadowborn, Nokia has also provided a public glimpse of the interface.

In the screens above you can cycle through shots showing off the Profile page (where players can customise their public profile, set availability, and view their points, trophies and other accomplishments), Friends page (for sorting friends by ranking and status, and initiating games or sharing content), Showroom Reviews (for rating games) and Showroom Media (for reading reviews, browsing images and video, and so on).

If that's whetted your appetite, you can seek out even more about the platform, the games and the funky marketing approach we can expect to see next year, or else click our 'Watch It' button above to download a trailer.