Arknights has collaborated with The Legend of Luo Xaiohei through the It's Been a While event

Arknights has collaborated with The Legend of Luo Xaiohei through the It's Been a While event

Yostar has just announced a new collaboration event with the popular Chinese animated series, The Legend of Luo Xiaohei on their strategic mobile RPG, Arknights. A special event called It’s Been a While has been created for the crossover, which will feature the titular character, Luo Xiaohei, a black kitten spirit, becoming a playable character on Rhodes Island.

The It’s Been a While event on Arknights has already begun and will be run until April 17th. It sees Luo Xiaohei and his buddies make their way to the land of Terra. Players will be completing a plethora of tasks as they help a Beckbeast reunite with its owner in Lungmen, provide housing for a Musbeast, and find out what’s going on between a lost Storm Cloudbeast, and its new and old owners.

All these stories can be unlocked using Information Fragments obtained from the current and previous story collections. As players progress through the stages, they will unlock Nutritional Pet Food Tin, the event currency, in all stages except Annihilation and Extreme Modes. It can be exchanged for valuable rewards such as Module Data Blocks, LMD, Battle Records, and Luo Xiaohei himself.

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Luo Xiaohei joins Arknights as a 4-star operator who can be obtained for free during this event. He is a Lord who excels at dealing ranged damage based on a certain percentage of his normal attack. Using his second skill, Luo can increase his attack and add an additional stack which ignores enemy defence when HP is less than half.

Yostar is also celebrating this update with two new collab outfits – Spring Paradise for Suzuran and Before Singing for Rockrock. They are inspired by Luo and other black kitten design elements and can be found in the shop. They’re quite adorable so don’t miss out!

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