Arknights adds a limited-time side story event, Maria Nearl, which introduces new operators and arrivals

Arknights adds a limited-time side story event, Maria Nearl, which introduces new operators and arrivals
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Yostar Limited is adding a brand new side story event called Maria Nearl to their famous strategic mobile RPG title, Arknights. 

The side story event will run for a limited time from today until April 21st. The event is all about honouring the Knights of Kazimierz. You will fight your way through the various competition with Blemishine, and claim rare materials and tokens by clearing event stages and missions. Head to the event shop to redeem various rewards using event tokens. The rewards include elite materials, LMD, Furniture and event operator Whislash.

Along with the additions of new event stories and content, the update also introduces 4 brand new operators, classy outfits and a themed furniture set.

Details of the new additions:

New Operators

The newly added operators are mainly used to adopt different battle traits and empower your other characters. These include Whislash, Blemishine, Aosta and Bubble. You can head to the event shop to freely obtain the Whislash operator as it’s a freebie during the event.

Event Rewarded Operator:

Whislash, is a former Kazimierz Knight and also the aunt of Nearl and Blemishine. Before her dismissal, she was one of the 16 Majors of Rhodes Island. Her unique traits increase her allies’ attack speed and enhance their defence capabilities.

6-star Operator: Blemishine

She was originally named Maria Nearl and is a 6-star healing defender. Her skills allow her to heal herself and her allies while dealing huge damage. During the journey, she idolizes her sister Margaret Nearl.

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5-star Operator: Aosta

Aosta is a sniping specialist. His skills are perfect for Close-Range sniping and his ability to crowd control the enemies by binding them is extraordinary.

4-star Operator: Bubble

Bubble is a new classic defender. She can soak up the damage of the enemies while dealing damage on her own and can deflect some of the damage received back at the enemy.

New Arrivals at Store

Decorate your character and your living space with new outfits such as Dreambind Castle Collection for Operators including Phantom, Glaucus, Mayer and Shaw. Nearls' Living Room Replica will also be available at the store as a brand new furniture set.

Arknights is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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