Arknights launches the sequel to the previous event - A Death in Chunfen

Arknights launches the sequel to the previous event - A Death in Chunfen

Extremely popular gacha tower defense RPG Arknights have launched their latest event as a direct continuation of the previously hosted event. This time around, players will be tackling content under the title of A Death in Chunfen, which acts as a sequel story piece to the previous Where Vernal Winds Will Never Blow. This new event introduces two new characters, some new cosmetics, and new story content!

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In case you missed out on the previous event, Vernal Winds acted as a love letter to old Chinese martial arts films with the same vibes of such a thing and a visual style that harkened back to those old classics. It told the story of Chongyue, whose goal was to retrieve an ancient sword he had left behind and bring it to the rightful owner’s hands.

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In A Death in Chunfen, you’ll follow the new character Qiubai as she ventures through Yumen, the town heavily featured in Vernal Winds, to a small village in Moushan where she will come across a lost child. As the story unravels, different politically intriguing mysteries are introduced as it becomes a curious tale of governmental deceit and a bit of murder mystery for good measure. It’ll be up to you to delve into all the new story chapters to uncover all of these mysteries and determine what’s going on exactly.

Of course, with a new event comes the new playable characters; Qiubai herself as well as Wind Chimes. One acts as a damage dealer who can increase her damage to debuffed enemies, while the other acts as a tanky frontliner who can perform wide AoE swings to numerous enemies at once.

And finally, there’s an abundance of new cosmetics to collect as well. These range from new furniture pieces for your Dorms to new skins for different characters. Check it all out by downloading Arknights for free at either of the links below now!

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