Tencent announces China release date for their much anticipated tactical shooter Arena Breakout

Tencent announces China release date for their much anticipated tactical shooter Arena Breakout

Massively popular developer and publisher Tencent has finally announced more details on the anticipated mobile strategy FPS Arena Breakout. After hosting a successful beta in August last year, the title is finally ready for another batch of closed beta testing before the official China-based release on July 26th.

Arena Breakout is, at first glance, somewhat indiscernible from its genre contemporaries. However, this particular shooter is hoping to add some spice to what’s become a relatively stale market, at least for mobile. Arena Breakout plans to do this by looking at an extremely beloved PC exclusive FPS, Escape From Tarkov.

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, Escape From Tarkov is a hyper-realistic tactical shooter that involves RPG-like stat leveling of a custom made soldier who you will send onto various battlefields to loot as much gear as possible without dying and leave with your head still on your shoulders. There are no respawns here, so whatever gear you go in with could be permanently lost if you end up dying. This risk-reward factor makes the game quite intense and a lot of fun.

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Given that no other mobile shooter has tried to emulate this experience, Arena Breakout is taking that premise and bringing it straight to your pocket. Just about every mechanic discussed above is in Arena Breakout and will be featured just as extensively, bringing the adrenaline-fueled gameplay of Tarkov to a bigger and more accessible audience.

If this sounds like something you’re into, you can now sign up for the final round of closed beta testing that will take place on May 17th. To do so, simply visit the game’s official website. In the meantime, the full release will occur on July 26th of this year for Chinese audiences exclusively, with no word on any localization effort for other countries yet.

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