Aquapolis is a unique city building simulator with a compelling sci-fi plot [Sponsored]

What happened to Earth?

Aquapolis is a unique city building simulator with a compelling sci-fi plot [Sponsored]
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Aquapolis is a unique blend of city building and farming games in which you have to discover what events led to a futuristic Earth being covered with water.

With the help of the locals you'll help turn an abandoned village into a bustling underwater metropolis and educate your inhabitants about modern technology.

Meanwhile, you'll want to try and figure out what happened to a past civilisation with the help of cryptic messages left by an unlucky scientist.

With over 80 different buildings and decorations build, new technologies to discover, and a ton of different mysteries and quests to complete, Aquapolis is chock full of content for fans of city building, sci-fi, and simulation games.

Artur Malik, Senior Game Designer at Candy Grill believes that the unique blend of genres, the ability to play online and off, and the compelling story are the real standout features of Aquapolis.

"Aquapolis is a blend of city builder and farming games and includes several unique mechanics gamers will definitely love.

"We give you the option to play online or offline, with online players being able to continue their progress on multiple devices by creating an account.

"What's more, we have a well-developed storyline, created by talented writers. Our writers take the story seriously despite all the jokes and humour in the plot.

"The story is deeply connected with our social networking which means we maintain good contact with our players."

This isn't your ordinary city building sim then. In fact, you have to look after some intriguing aspects like the happiness of your inhabitants and the city's ecology.

"The game has several unusual production chains as well as the ability to improve your citizens' happiness by building attractions. Happiness, in turn, affects the whole economy of Aquapolis.

"Besides that, the player has to deal with the city's ecology. If the ecology measure drops below zero, Aquapolis will become polluted."

Juggling offline and online play was challenging enough - especially when you factor in the cross-platform play. Malik felt these were essential features though, and had to make it into the final cut.

"The greatest challenge was to provide the seamless cross-platform play on multiple different devices.

"There is a great demand for cross-platform play today, because of the growing number of devices that people own.

"However, some gamers prefer to play offline instead and we've given them the option to do that. It's a popular feature."

Though the gameplay is incredibly interesting in itself, Malik is most proud of the plot and characters developed by a team of talented writers.

"We are proud of the intriguing story and our charismatic characters. The story consists of several chapters, during which the main characters try and figure out what happened to Earth.

"This kind of complex plot is always interesting to follow. Each character in Aquapolis has his or her own bright features and habits which make them feel alive and it helps create a stronger bond with the player."

Candy Grill won't stop there though. Updates are already being planned to make Aquapolis even better, including holiday events and a Wheel of Fortune.

"Sure, we are working on incredible new updates right now.

"The latest one will include the Wheel of Fortune. In this update, the main characters will find an ancient building on the map and the locals will then unveil the origins of the Wheel of Fortune to them, which gives players an opportunity to receive valuable prizes from daily spins.

"After that we're planning to add some in-game challenges to make building your own city even more interesting and localising Aquapolis for all European languages.

"We're also preparing loads of special holiday stuff for Halloween and Christmas - the players will love it!

"Holiday updates will include some special decorations and quests, as well as an opportunity to greet in-game friends with bonuses and gifts.

"We will start our holiday season on Halloween and we are planning to make more treats on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas."

Aquapolis is out now on Google Play and the App Store but there are plans in place to expand to other platforms.

"We are planning to expand to Windows Phone because the platform has a promising market. We'll expand to Amazon and other alternative platforms."

Follow this link to get Aquapolis right now [download].