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Huawei drops huge discounts during Black Friday sale for users and non-users alike

Huawei drops huge discounts during Black Friday sale for users and non-users alike
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Huawei AppGallery is treating players to special Black Friday deals that'll give you plenty of bang for your buck this season, starting with huge discounts for its premium apps for Huawei users and non-users alike. In particular, if you're an Android user from Germany, the UK, Italy, France, Poland, Romania, Spain, and Turkey, you can look forward to up to an 80% discount on games from November 16th to the 30th.

From Puzzles to Dungeons & Dragons

There are more than 50 selected games and various apps to choose from, with extra coupons you can pile on to sweeten the deal.

This include games such as Royal Match for puzzle aficionados to sink their teeth into. Dragonheir: Silent Gods, on the other hand, offers an incredibly rich open world of high fantasy with plenty of Dungeons & Dragons vibes, while the newly released Era of Conquest will challenge your inner tactician as you fight alongside historic icons like Caesar and King Arthur.

Not a Huawei user? No problem

With the Huawei AppGallery Black Friday sale, you can expect to score big deals not only on games but also on app tools and entertainment downloads.

Perhaps what's even more enticing here is that you don't have to be a Huawei user to grab your slice of the pie - all you have to do is install HMS Core on your Android device, download AppGallery, and create your HUAWEI ID. That should get you all set up to download premium apps with the exclusive Black Friday discount.

Are the RNG gods in your favour?

Of course, no limited-time promo would be complete without an exciting raffle draw, and with Huawei's Black Friday sale, lucky players from Germany, France, and Romania stand a chance to bag big prizes throughout the sale period.

If you're feeling left out, the lucky draw isn't the only thing that's bringing on all the tidings this season. Players across the UK, Italy, Spain, Poland, and Turkey can simply purchase participating apps and games and they can get 20% of these right back as HUAWEI Points.

If you don't want to suffer through a bad case of FOMO, you can join in on all the fun by downloading the Huawei AppGallery this Black Friday. You can also have a look at the latest Huawei phone models while you're at it!

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