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Antivine, a beautiful new relaxing puzzler, officially launches for iOS and Android

Antivine, a beautiful new relaxing puzzler, officially launches for iOS and Android

Developer Regeneration Studio has released its latest project onto mobile devices; a free-to-try relaxing puzzler entitled Antivine. This new chill experience takes a lot of inspiration from another popular puzzle game, Monument Valley, in the way that it makes you utilize perspective and camera changes to solve each scenario.

Antivine is truly adorable in nature, offering up a very low-stakes and calming experience that sees you guiding a cute little guy through different stages, each with a particular theme. These themes usually revolve around scenery across the small island stages, which change from one to the other. Most have a tropical scenic view going on, though there are a few unique standouts.

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Gameplay-wise, it’s relatively simple. You revolve a camera around a grid-based stage and guide your character through different stages that have a variety of puzzles to solve to further that path. There are a few buried secrets here and there as well that you’ll be able to come across if you explore every nook and cranny with the camera functions.

Antivine is also hosting a small reward campaign for players who log into the game before July 1st, offering up a free cosmetic for the game’s character. This is a nice adorable little Summertime traditional Japanese yukata, so be sure to check out the game before then to grab this reward for no cost.

Overall, Antivine is a pretty basic game, but sometimes that’s all you need. With an abundance of difficult and brain-teasing puzzlers out there, it’s nice to see some developers still understand that some players love puzzles without all the competition and high stakes and just want to chill while testing their wits a tiny bit.

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If you’re one of those players, you can currently try out the first three stages of the game for free at either of the links below before you will then need to purchase Antivine for only $3.99.

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