Animal Crossing New Horizons best villagers in 2023

Animal Crossing New Horizons best villagers in 2023

Befriend the best villagers and be an active part of the ACNH community.

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Updated on August 30, 2023. Original article by Suchit Mohanty, updated by Nitisha Upadhye. 

Animal Crossing: New Horizons came out in 2020 and became an instant. Even today, the game enjoys a widely active fanbase, and the community continues to grow. 

If you're into playing social simulation games where you can meet a bunch of characters with different skills, then Animal Crossing games are a must-try. First unveiled in 2001, Animal Crossing is typically considered an educational sim game.

Even after so many years of its launch, the game is still going strong, with a ton of people still sharing their dodo codes and finding more friends to play with! In addition, the game also introduces new characters, called Villagers, periodically.

Can you categorize the best villagers in Animal Crossing?

As we are talking about the characters or Villagers, each of them is categorized by gender, personality, and species. Apart from that, each one of them has a goal or aim to achieve and a unique skill.

It might be a tedious task for you to choose the best villagers among all. You will have to play with each of them to find the finest one. So, to help you out with this, we are putting out this article that contains the list of the best villagers in Animal Crossings.

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The Cat Villager Raymond has always been a popular pick in New Horizons. Raymond belongs to the quiet Smug village that’s populated with kind and polite villagers. This cat villager is available on both New Horizons and Pocket Camp for Nintendo and Android respectively.


Marshal belongs to the smug squirrel village that’s filled with numerous adorable villagers. Apart from being cute, Marshal has a good sense of fashion. He mostly wears a Denim Jacket and a Puffy Vest. His ultimate goal is to become a popular designer. He usually forms a good bond with lazy, normal, snooty and peppy villagers.


Cherry or Hanna is the cover of the KK Fusion album and belongs to the sisterly villager personality. She loves to wake up early in the morning and works actively to finish up her chores. Additionally, she can keep up with jock, lazy and peppy villagers and wants to be a professional dancer.


A duck who looks like a tomato and prefers Kilimanjaro coffee has made its way into the list. Even after looking like a vegetable, Ketchup loves to chop varieties of veggies. Ketchup is very easy to make friends with and one day he wants to become a popular pop star.


Merengue is a normal rhino villager whose main attraction is her nose, which looks like an upside-down strawberry. Her outfit is similar to a chef and wishes to own a Candy House. On the other hand, she is a great chef who loves doodling.


At first glance, Shino looks like an adorable deer. But what catches the eye are her red devil horns and her cute Japanese costume. Shino’s design and appearance make her an interesting character for multiple themes - so she can do edgy as well as simply sweet.

Despite the devilish horns, Shino is actually quite friendly and easy to get along with. Further, Shino is one of the Peppy villagers, which makes it easy to befriend her. And since she’s a Peppy, she wants to become a pop star.


Now Ankha is actually no stranger to the long-standing players of the Animal Horizon games, as she has appeared in multiple titles.

Much like the name suggests, she represents the Egyptian culture. As cats were worshipped in Egypt, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Ankha is a noble cat. Her house is adorned with posh, golden furniture suited to her noble persona.

As you can guess, befriending Ankha can be a slightly difficult task. However, this doesn’t mean that the royal feline is unfriendly. If you give it some time, Ankha might become you new best friend.


Scoot’s first appearance was in Wild World as a jock duck villager. He is usually seen wearing a frog-themed tee and loves to climb trees. Apart from that, he wears a helmet but that has got nothing to do with riding vehicles as he wants to become a Rugby player.


The only thing Mira cares about is fashion. She loves to try new makeup and her signature dialogue is "You can wear it and show me how to make it look good!" Additionally, she is way too good at cracking jokes and with all the creative makeup skills, it's not surprising to learn she wants to become a professional makeup artist. Her jokes are entertaining for lazy and jock villagers but definitely not for the snooty and cranky ones.


A dog who is always wrapped with bandages. Although his name is Lucky, he doesn’t seem to be so as he is getting involved in accidents. Lucky is from the Lazy Dog Village and is an expert in forgetting stuff, funny isn’t it? After all his goal is to become a Doctor and serve his village.


Sherb is the laziest goat that’s available in both Pocket Camp and New Horizons. Sherb loves to sleep and always wears cosy clothes regardless of the season. His best skill is talking to bugs and spending time with them. And that’s the reason he wishes to become an Entomologist in the future.


Another lazy cub villager on the list. He is made up of fabrics that are mainly used as stuffings in dolls and toys, especially. His request is to find him a nice and beautiful toybox that he can play with throughout the day. His main goal is to become a lawyer.


Audie is a wolf in form of a fox is a resident of peppy wolf village. She loves to wear her all-time favourite Sunflower Tee and Tropical Muummu as she loves swimming. Apart from swimming, she loves to keep her eyes on the swimmers which ultimately made her choose the role of Lifeguard. Additionally, she has a healthy bond with lazy, normal and jock villagers.


“Honey!” - you’ll hear Maple say that multiple times in a day. If you haven’t guessed it from the name, Maple is a really sweet villager. She’s also a really popular villager who has featured in every single Animal Crossing game.

The adorable bear cub is always surrounded by plush toys, and you can tell this as her home is loaded with plushies. With her simple and sweet appearance, you can immediately tell that she’s easy to make friends with.


Zucker, a lazy octopus is based on the Japanese snack Takoyaki. If you are wondering what is Takoyaki, it is a ball-shaped snack that’s made out of wheat flour-based batter. With a Flan Tank and Happi Tee as his preferred outfit, Zucker aims to become a Chef. Looking for friendship or partner for Zucker, smug, normal and peppy villagers


Do you love music and octopus? If yes, how about a musician octopus. Marina is a normal octopus villager with an immense love for music. She always fantasises about an underwater land that she can enjoy to the fullest. Apart from that, she has a goal of becoming a Pharmacist. She usually gets along with peppy villagers.


Lionel is a smug lion villager known for his polite and kind nature. Lionel usually gets along easily with lazy, normal and snooty villagers due to his personality. He is very good at drawing circles and has a goal of becoming a Professor.


This violet cat belongs to the lazy cat village whose looks and activities clearly justify his category. Along with his laziness, he loves Yo-Yoing and is a professional at it. His blossom tee matches perfectly with his lavender and violet spots. Moreover, he plans to become a detective and has a good bond with the sisterly, peppy and smug villagers.


Sasha looks straight out of a high school drama with his blond hair and varsity jacket. One might think he’s a football player or at least an active participant in sports. However, it’s quite the opposite, as Sasha is a lazy villager. And even when his house is loaded with skateboards, something tells us that he doesn’t use them much.

We can all agree upon one thing, though - Sasha is cute and comes off as charming and friendly. Once you befriend this skateboard enthusiast, he will tell you about all the bugs that he has befriended.


Now, players have mixed opinions about Beau - they either love him or dislike him. Nonetheless, we can all agree that Beau is BEAUtiful and catches the eye right away with his pleasing appearance. He looks like an Impala and aims to become a Mayor in the future. With his beautiful outfit, it might be difficult for you to differentiate if he’s a small deer or an impala. Plan to get him a coffee? Make sure it has a lot of milk and three spoons of sugar. Also, do take a look at his sweater collection.

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