Animal Crossing Octopus - Is it really the rarest villager?

The list of every Octopus in Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing Octopus - Is it really the rarest villager?

With almost 400 villagers in Animal Crossing there's more than enough neighbours for everybody, yet, it has come to our attention that there is a whole bunch of people searching Animal Crossing Octopus on our site, clearly trying to rummage through our pages to find out more information on these elusive villagers. It's totally justified because Octopuses are the rarest villagers in Animal Crossing.

If you're, somehow, unfamiliar, Animal Crossing is a social sim series that initially came out for Nintendo and later for mobile platforms including Android and iOS. While it's always had a cult following, Animal Crossing New Horizon did phenomenally well, and the AC system of filling the calendar with events has kept people coming back. For the first time in a mainline entry, however, new events and features were added to the game over time, through seasonal updates, evolving the game massively over its first twelve months on the market.

In Animal Crossing Octopus is the rarest animal

Regarding the Octopus Villagers, basically, they are one of the rare species in the game with only four of them out there. These fall into the personality types of Jock, Normal, Cranky and Lazy.

The Octopuses are Inkwell, Marina, Octavian and Jocker. Each of them has its own unique style and habits. Of all of them, you've most likely come across Octavian, the most common of the four of them.

Today, we will take a detailed look at all the octopuses in Animal Crossing. Also, if you are looking for the best villagers to try out in Animal Crossing then we've already got you covered, check out the link below.


If you spot a stylish Octopus wearing a Black Tee and focussing on bodybuilding, then that’s none other than Inkwell. As he's one of the Jock personality type it is quite likely that you will find him engaging in physical and sporting activities as these villagers are mostly found carrying out these hobbies.

Animal Crossing Inkwell

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Inkwell made his entry in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the sim game from the Animal Crossing franchise that was released in 2012 exclusively for Nintendo 3DS. After that he showed up in the mobile iteration, Pocket Camp, however hasn't made his way to New Horizons (at least not yet). Apart from bodybuilding and other physical activities, Inkwell is also interested in catching bugs and fish.


Marina is a pink coloured, kind and polite Islander in Animal Crossing. She usually prefers to wear a Red Aloha Shirt or Bubble-Gum Tee and sometimes a Dreamy Sweater. As a normal personaality-type octopus villager, she is extremely good at tongue twisters. Moreover, she dreams to become a pharmacist in the future.

Marina octopus

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While dealing with Marina, make sure you don’t encounter villagers that are Sisterly or Cranky if you are not looking to create any sort of conflict between them. Apart from these villagers, Marina can get on quite well with others.


Next, we have Zucker, the Cranky Octopus Villager also known as Takoya, a famous Japanese snack. He likes baton twirling and loves to wear a Flan Tank and a tee. Apart from his baton skills, his ambition is to become a professional chef someday.

Zucker Animal Crossing

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As such, he usually talks about food. Beyond that, he likes to discuss superheroes and tales related to them.


The last octopus on the list, Octavian is an aspiring fisherman whose only request is for you to build him a squid-showdown citadel. You wouldn’t like to mess with Octavian as he belongs to the Cranky group. The only way to get associated with him is by matching up his thoughts and decisions.


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He is one of the notable villagers in the entire game as his name is derived from the first emperor of ancient Rome, Gaius Octavius. If you also like coffee with no milk and sugar then you will likely get along with Octavian.