It's a whole year since the game released, and yet, everyone is still talking about it! We have covered it with a bunch of articles and guides so far, but today we are here to talk about the best villagers in Animal Crossing in 2021!

Are you fond of playing social simulation games where you can meet a bunch of characters with different skills and abilities? If yes, then you must have tried out Nintendo’s massively popular social sim title, Animal Crossing. If not then it is a must as the game is undeniably one of the best in the genre.

Animal Crossing is typically considered as an educational sim game that was first released back in 2001. Even after so many years of its launch, the game is still going strong with a ton of people still sharing their dodo codes and finding more friends to play with! In addition, the game also introduces new characters called Villagers, periodically.

Can you categorise the best villagers in Animal Crossing?

As we are talking about the characters or Villagers, each of them is categorised by gender, personality and species. Apart from that, each one of them has a goal or aim to achieve and a unique skill.

It might be a tedious task for you to choose the best villagers among all. As you will have to play with each one of them to find out the finest one. So, to help you out with this we are putting out this article that contains the list of best villagers in Animal Crossings.