Rovio Twitter icon hints at Angry Birds Christmas

Yule ('you will') almost certainly buy it

Rovio Twitter icon hints at Angry Birds Christmas

After the success of Angry Birds Halloween, it's no surprise to learn that a Christmas edition is almost certainly under construction in Rovio's Finnish workshop.

How do we know? Rovio has replaced its old Twitter and Facebook icons with the one to the right of these words, in which the game's red bird is wearing a red, fur-lined hat similar to that worn by everybody's favourite house-breaker, Father Christmas.

We also know because Pocket Gamer's own Rumour Miner foresaw it, and Rovio itself talked about the game a few weeks ago.

Even so, Rovio is being coy with details. The latest few replies on its Twitter feed include, “Maybe”, “Wait and see,” and “Might well be.”

If history is any guide, Angry Birds Christmas will hit the App Store some time in December, and it'll cost 59p.