Is Angry Birds 2 secretly already on the App Store?

We've got a theory...

Is Angry Birds 2 secretly already on the App Store?
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Rovio's newly announced Angry Birds 2 is already on the App Store, and we've already played it. Or, at least, that's our theory.

Earlier this year, Rovio quietly released a game onto the Canadian App Store called Angry Birds Under Pigstruction, as part of a soft launch.

At the time the studio said "today, we’re giving Canadian bird-flingers a sneak peek at a brand new game that’s under pigstruction". It was a back-to-basics birds versus pigs physics puzzler with lovely visuals.

Birds 2

It looks like Under Pigstruction was actually Angry Birds 2 all along. Just look at the promotional art for the new game, and the icon for the soft-launched Under Pigstruction. Identical, right?


Also, Pigstruction introduced a new character to the flock: a looping legend called Silver who can divebomb piggy shanty towns. And Silver also shows up in the art for Angry Birds 2, next to the other birds.

Seems like a watertight theory to us. Which means you can see what this massive new game is going to look like by watching our video on AppSpy or grabbing the game off the Canadian App Store.

When we asked Rovio for comment, it said "all we can say at this point is that Angry Birds 2 is our first sequel to Angry Birds and it will be launching worldwide on the 30th July".