An Infinite Calm is a relaxing, meditative, never-ending puzzler

Launching September 19th

An Infinite Calm is a relaxing, meditative, never-ending puzzler
| An Infinite Calm

An Infinite Calm takes you on a grand puzzle-solving quest across a vast, colourful ocean. It comes to us from developer Gerard Delaney, and it’s set for release on the App Store on September 19th, with an Android launch planned soon after.

Gerard is currently a programmer at Mighty Games Group, developer of Disney Crossy Road and the cutesy Piffle from last year. With his first major solo effort, he hoped to create a ‘positive showcase of the amazing technology we all carry in our hands’, which has ultimately taken the form of an endless puzzle game.

There are said to be millions of unique layouts and colour combinations, all carefully generated to retain a handcrafted feel. Gameplay itself is kept simple, with you being challenged to match tiles on each small island.

As you continue to progress, you’ll gradually uncover well-hidden secrets dotted throughout the many, many levels. My concern with randomly generated levels or gameplay scenarios is that monotony can often set in quickly, but it sounds like Delaney’s game has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Clearly it looks nice, boasting a soft, minimalist aesthetic. The ‘otherworldly’ soundtrack which sets the mood comes courtesy of Cliffdiver. What I’ve heard of its original score sounds suitably calming, and you can give it a listen right here.

If you’re a fan of slow, meditative puzzlers, be sure to keep an eye out for An Infinite Calm when it launches on the App Store on September 19th.

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