Among Us servers: Are they multiplatform, how to play private and more

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Among Us servers: Are they multiplatform, how to play private and more
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May 26, 2021 - added Discord Among Us servers to the list

In today's article, we will cover some very, very important features regarding the game. Actually, probably the most important one, and that is the Among Us servers. Below you will find some useful tips if you're a new Among Us player and several servers where you can find active players any moment of the day.

Having captivated millions of players worldwide, Among Us doesn't seem to slow down. In the past months, the game's only been increasing in popularity and rightfully so - with new maps and fun tasks added recently, servers got a multitude of players seeking servers and communities. And if you wondered where you could find active Among Us servers, you're in the right place.

But I believe there might be a few questions on your mind, such as whether the game is multiplatform or not, or how is it possible to play on a private server. So before we check out the servers, let's get these out of the way.

Are Among Us servers multiplatform?

If you've missed our previous article where we explain in-depth about Among Us servers being multiplatform, then you better check it out! To give you a short answer, yes, you can play Among Us from pretty much any device, because the game is multiplatform.

At the moment Among Us is not available for PS4 and XBOX, but that could change in the future. For now, we can hop into a game from every other device, from Android and iOS to Nintendo Switch and PC.

How can I play with friends on a private Among Us server?

Oh, the age-old question. This is a fairly simple process, but it depends on how you want to play the game. If you have a bunch of friends whom you want to play with, then you head over to the Main Menu and select Online.

There you'll type in your name, and select one of three options: Host, Public and Private.

  • Host - will let you host a public or private game
  • Public - will let you join other people's game
  • Private - will let you join a private match
among us server create lobby

When you want to host a private game, exclusive to you and your friends, you'll have to select Create Game. Customize whatever settings you want there, and then share the code at the bottom of the screen with your friends.

Joining a private lobby is much simpler - you just type in the code and you're in!

  • Don't be the impostor! Join the other crewmates in our Among Us hub

Among Us Servers

In the past, some players and streamers have experienced some small issues, which lead to people wondering whether the Among Us servers are P2P. But quickly enough, one of the game's devs, Forest, has confirmed that the servers are not P2P:

"Among Us is not p2p unless you're doing local, then they are lan-only via multicast+p2p."

Top 5 Discord servers for Among Us

How to check if they are working?

There are a couple of ways to check if the servers are down, or if there's any sort of problem with the game currently. First, you can check using a third-party website, but since this might take a minute to get an update, you could check out the second option, the Among Us official Discord server.

In there you can check the server status section, which is updated regularly when there are server issues in-game.

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