Among Us introduces new patch that brings with it food-themed cosmetics and quality-of-life changes

Among Us introduces new patch that brings with it food-themed cosmetics and quality-of-life changes
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The now legendary social deduction multiplayer title Among Us, developed by InnerSloth, has received an update in the form of new cosmetics you can purchase along with some quality-of-life features. This patch introduces food-themed Cosmicubes that can be purchased with Beans and Stars, offering up some new ways to look absolutely delicious.

For the uninformed, Cosmicubes are Among Us’ way of offering up a new way to purchase some costumes for your little space dude. You’ll earn Beans through simply playing and you can buy Stars as a premium currency, so it’s nice to have both a free currency and a paid-for option on display here.

These new Cosmicubes are focused on food, and will allow you to look like a chef, an apron-adorned cook, a hot dog, or even a banana.

As for the QoL features being added, the ability to change the map from the lobby is the biggest one. This means you’ll no longer have to disband your game to simply swap the map, and can now instead choose from the lobby menu.

The other major fixes are mainly towards the iOS’ notifications bug, which has been addressed too, alongside authentication issues that were plaguing the game and some others. For a full list, check out the developer’s notes that were posted today.

Among Us has remained one of the chart toppers on just about every platform, never losing its place as the most popular social deduction title out there. If you somehow haven’t checked it out yourself, you can download it for free at either of the links below!

In the meantime, you can take a peek at the official website as well for more news on upcoming features and updates. From the looks of things, the developers are intent on keeping new content flowing in given the unending popularity, so there’s never a bad time to give it a go yourself.

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