Among Us’ next update will introduce additional roles

Among Us’ next update will introduce additional roles
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InnerSloth LLC, the developers of Among Us, has just announced that they are working on new roles. They also confirmed that the game's next update would be focused on implementing them into the game


Initially, the game was released with one map and two roles - Imposter and Crewmate, and a maximum of 10 players can join a match. You can play with your friends too by creating a private lobby. Overtime, more maps were added to the game and even the maximum player limit was increased to 15. The developers also added visor cosmetics to customise your characters.

New update, New roles, and more info

On October 4th, a new piece of information was released on the official site that the developers are working on creating new roles. They haven't shared any important details such as how many or what the roles will be (I have a gut feeling that one will definitely be the 'Detective' role). But they did hint that there could be 2 to 4 roles joining the Among Us family, though there's no confirmation yet.

Innersloth also revealed that they have planned another update at the same time, but there are no details about that either. Discussing the new roles, they said that they were planning to make this update for a long time, before the game was even launched. So, the roles might be slightly different than the ones we know. (thanks to the game mods) No other details about the mysterious roles are available right now. But more information is expected to come soon.

About the game

In this day and age, who doesn't know about the most popular game Among Us? Among us was developed and published by an American gaming company called Innersloth. It was released in 2018.

Among Us is a multiplayer online social deduction game. Here, players either need to find the imposter, the main culprit, by questioning and judging or commit the perfect crimes as the imposter. Among Us received an insane amount of fame during last year's pandemic when many streamers and YouTubers started playing it. It became one of the most viral games ever. And after becoming massively popular, the game evolved a lot.

Among Us is available on both iOS and Android and can also be played on PCs. You can download it from Google Play and the App Store. To stay updated, you can also check out their official Twitter handle or the official site, or you can also join their Discord.

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