Adult Swim iPhone and iPad games get a 59p/99c sale

Robot Unicorns and Amateur Surgeons aplenty

Adult Swim iPhone and iPad games get a 59p/99c sale
| Amateur Surgeon

Adult Swim has decided to host a rather impromptu game sale bringing all iPhone and iPad games down to 59p.

Contained in the list of bargains is Bronze Award winning cut-'em-up Amateur Surgeon 2, which allows you to perform humorous cartoon operations on a selection of comically-injured patients.

Also included are multiple versions of perpetual runner Robot Unicorn, feline shooter Meowcenaries, and the strangely named, Tamagotchi-esque, My Li'l Bastard.

All titles are on sale for a 'limited time' and cost 59p / 99c.

iPhone 5 Minutes To Kill
Amateur Surgeon
Amateur Surgeon 2
Floater Pro
My Li’l Bastard
Robot Unicorn Attack
Robot Unicorn Attack Christmas
Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal
Spell My Finger iPad Amateur Surgeon iPad
Robot Unicorn Attack HD
Anthony Usher
Anthony Usher
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