Alice Fiction opens global pre-registration ahead of release for iOS and Android later this year

Alice Fiction opens global pre-registration ahead of release for iOS and Android later this year

After hosting a closed beta test earlier this year, the upcoming anime puzzle RPG Alice Fiction has opened pre-registration worldwide ahead of the release planned in the coming months for iOS and Android. This gacha offers up an easy-to-play, hard-to-master fast-paced experience with a lot of variety on offer.

The gameplay of Alice Fiction involves developing your own party from the game’s massive cast and using those characters in battle with sci-fi enemies invading the city. To do said battle, you’ll be receiving coloured spheres across a line, with each colour of sphere being linked to one of your party members. These spheres will be coming at you in a random order, and while you can pop them one at a time to do damage with whichever character, you’re really aiming to get as many in one pop as you can to allow your characters to use their bigger abilities and attacks. Basically, think of it like a match-3 except rather than working around useless other blocks, you’re keeping the line moving to set up a match-3.

Another big highlight of Alice Fiction is the fact that every single character in the main story is fully voiced. While this isn’t specific to Alice Fiction, it is fairly rare to see this within most modern gachas, usually reserved for super high budget games like Genshin Impact or Punishing Gray Raven. This will help you get attached to each character involved in the main story and really develop them so you can find your favourite.

Combine that fact with the excellent EDM inspired soundtrack that will be blasting over each activity you’ll be doing, and some really charming modern streetwear style aesthetics within the art style and Alice Fiction is definitely a gacha that can stand out from the rest with its own specific style. If that style interests you, you can pre-register for it now on the official website as well as on the App Store and Google Play. A pre-register campaign is being hosted currently that will offer plenty of free handouts based on how many users end up doing so.

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