Alice Fiction teams up with the legendary anime series Re:Zero in its latest collaboration

Alice Fiction teams up with the legendary anime series Re:Zero in its latest collaboration
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The popular match-3 puzzle gacha RPG Alice Fiction has revealed that it will soon be hosting a brand new collaboration with the legendary anime series Re:Zero. This crossover brings with it what is typically expected of gacha collaborations, including new characters to collect as well as new story events, quests, challenges, and more!

Alice Fiction has seen quite a bit of praise since it launched earlier this year. A big portion of this success likely comes from the super unique gameplay that is rarely seen within other team-building gachas, which revolves around a quasi-match-3 style of combat.

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While that may remind you of a game like Puzzles and Dragons, Alice Fiction skips the Bejweled-esque tradition of this type of RPG for a turn-based system that would be found in something like Granblue Fantasy, but with that match-3 mechanic thrown in. It makes for a pretty special combination of gameplay mechanics that helps Alice Fiction to stand out quite a bit.

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And now it’s looking to branch out further with some new characters too! Re:Zero remains a staple of popular anime series of the modern era, and Alice Fiction is looking to bring two of its most popular characters to the game; Rem and Emilia. Alongside these two ladies, there’s also the lower rarity copy of Petelguese, the horrible villain from the anime series.

Of course, new characters aren’t all you have to look forward to, as there are also new story sections and challenging missions to take on that are all related to Re:Zero too. These will reward you with plenty of rewards such as gacha tickets, upgrade materials, and much more.

Finally, the new character gacha banner will run parallel with a new World Memory collaboration gacha too, allowing you to equip your heroes with cards straight from the Re:Zero universe.

So, whether a staunch Alice Fiction lover or a fan of Re:Zero, this event is perfect for you! Check it out when the event begins on May 29th by downloading Alice Fiction at either of the links below for free!

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