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Alchemy Stars Letter from the Skies event guide & Halloween celebration overview

Alchemy Stars Letter from the Skies event guide & Halloween celebration overview
| Alchemy Stars

Alchemy Stars is constantly growing and expanding its roster of Aurorians. With each passing day, week, and month, the game is constantly evolving with new events and stories, new gameplay, and new team formations for players to conquer the ever-changing stages.

In the latest event, Letter from the Skies, players must conquer all stages before challenging the last Boss. Today we’ll check out a comprehensive guide for completing this event, making use of (almost) any Aurorians you might have available.

Letter from the Skies Event Guide

The final battle proved to be quite challenging. Let’s talk about the N10 stage Boss and what makes it so difficult to beat.

While the Boss stands on a broken tile, it won't take any damage from skills (combos, regular attacks and skills) that target enemies by hiding inside the tile. However, the area of effect damage is still effective.

What you want to do is lure the boss off the broken tile by staying in range of its attack, which can be done either vertically, horizontally or diagonally. Once the boss moves towards you, that's your opportunity to attack!

Alternatively, you can reset the broken tile where the Boss is standing if you have the appropriate Aurorians (e.g. Naroxel).


There are different ways to defeat the boss, but for this strategy we are going to use a team of the same attribute. Even though the Forest team is probably the strongest for this one, we are going to use a Water team instead.

Water team is the first team every new player will put together. Therefore, it’s a team that most players should have by now. This team might not be considered the best, but it will get the job done. With that being said, the team formation should look something like this:

  • Two Tile Converters (e.g. Sariel, Carleen, Ms. Blanc, or Kleken)
  • One Healer (Philyshy, Zoya)
  • Two Snipers (Vice, Fleur)

Alternatively, you can also use an Aurorian with a movement skill to help you reposition during the fight.

We recommend deploying Aurorians that are Ascension II, level 35 or higher.

Boss Battle

During the first round, tap on the Boss so you can see its attack pattern. Move in a way so the Boss can attack you. You want it to attack because the goal is to make it move off the broken tile. For example, position your Aurorians in front of the Boss and let it attack.

Once the Boss attacks you and reveals itself, it's time to deal as much damage as possible. Use your converters and try to trigger the biggest chain combos that you can. It is important to end your combo on a non-broken tile.

Repeat this pattern until the Boss is defeated.

Halloween Celebration Event

Alongside this event, there’s also a new highly anticipated Halloween event! The Halloween Celebration will have login rewards and special recruitment banners for players worldwide to enjoy.

Players can simply log in to the game every day from October 30th to November 1st in order to receive the Halloween Celebration rewards. Here are the following rewards players can find in their in-game mailbox:

  • 700 Lumamber for logging in on October 30th
  • 300 Lumamber and Patty & Patsy (4-star Aurorian) for logging in on October 31st
  • 1 Star Flare, 60k Nightium, and 15 General Jasper II for logging in on November 1st

What is more, there’s also a Halloween recruitment banner that displays 4 special Aurorians. From October the 30th, the Special Halloween Recruitment event will open. Players who purchase 10x Special Recruitment Spirit from the store and use it in the Halloween recruitment banner will enjoy a recruitment deal, which guarantees a special Halloween Aurorian (Carleen, Migard, Uriel, or Irridon). A player might also have a chance to receive more than one 6-star Aurorian (albeit a slim chance). Remember, this recruitment will only be available for a limited time. So don’t let this chance pass you by!