Albion Online shows off details of the next major content drop planned for launch early next month

Albion Online shows off details of the next major content drop planned for launch early next month

The popular MMORPG from Sandbox Interactive, Albion Online, has revealed the release date for the next major content drop alongside some details as to what exactly it will include. Entitled Into The Fray, this update will see a variety of new additions as well as some quality of life enhancements and will release on June 8th. 

The highlight of this update is assuredly the rework of the Magic Staffs system in-game. Previously, staffs were a weapon type that could be useful but were mostly dull to play, and Sandbox realized this. To fix that issue, this update will bring notable improvements to weapon visuals, audio, and animations, alongside some brand new and reworked staff abilities to spice up the humdrum gameplay Mages complained about.

The next big change is the addition of Portal Towns. These will replace the already existing Portal Zones and serve as extensions of the Royal Cities in the Outlands. These towns hope to ease the entering of the Outlands for newer players, as well as offering some convenience for veterans of the game as well.

Next, we’ve got some big changes and improvements to Castles and Castle Outposts. Improved layouts and visuals related to these pieces of content will be implemented in hope of making these fights more dynamic, fair, and far more visually appealing. Additionally, Castle Chests will now spawn frequently each day to encourage more players to get involved with them on a daily basis.

These are only the highlights of the Into The Fray update, as covering every change would take a lot more than just one article. For a more in-depth look at everything that this massive content drop is adding to Albion Online, you can check out the official patch notes on their website.

With all this new content coming to an already great game, it’s a wonderful time to get into or return to Albion. If you’re looking to do so, you can find it for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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