Albion Online introduces a brand new realm to explore alongside a ton of new content in Beyond The Veil update

Albion Online introduces a brand new realm to explore alongside a ton of new content in Beyond The Veil update
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The popular mobile fantasy MMO Albion Online by Sandbox Interactive has released some details on their newest content update - Beyond The Veil. This new update includes a brand new area with its own city to explore, plus new armour, items, and spells alongside some quality-of-life improvements and more!

Let’s discuss that new area first, as it’s easily the highlight of this patch. The Mists as it has been named is a mysterious and spooky new realm to explore that features a towering forest full of foggy and creepy vibes. This surreal and magical new setting features a ton of new PvP and PvE content to try your hand at.

A lot of that content takes place within the new city, Breceilien. This new city is unique in that it has no fixed location on the map, and will only be revealed to players who have explored The Mists extensively. It’s an ancient city full of history and lore to uncover as well as new quests and NPCs to meet.

The Mists also features a ton of never-before-seen enemies to do battle against, each with the potential to drop new powerful loot called artifacts. These artifacts can be crafted into that new armour discussed above called Fey Armor. This is some serious late-game stuff, true best-in-slot material, and also comes with new spells that you can utilise upon gaining the armour sets.

This update also reworks the previously introduced Roads of Avalon, allowing them to be better utilised by smaller and independent guilds whereas they used to be decently catered towards larger groups. Hideouts within the Roads can now be declared Headquarters, which will accelerate construction, alongside some other new loot that can be found within The Roads of Avalon too.

All of that doesn’t even fully cover the extent of this massive update, so be sure to check out the official patch notes for further in-depth information. In the meantime, you can download Albion for free at either of the links below this article!

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