Albion Online has kicked off a round of beta testing for the Albion East server

Albion Online has kicked off a round of beta testing for the Albion East server
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Sandbox Interactive has just launched a Closed Beta Test for the upcoming server in Albion Online. The fantasy sandbox MMORPG will be testing out its new Albion East server over the next three weeks. A video about this new server and beta testing has been embedded below.

Players that are part of this CBT can expect a totally new version of Albion Online’s world. They will also receive an Arcanist Vanity Bundle for free along with players on the other server too. These three weeks will also feature a Beta Guild Season that grants numerous statue rewards in addition to automatically accelerated progress in certain areas.

Here are all the bonuses players must look out for:

  • Automatic Premium for all characters
  • 100% extra Fame from gathering, farming, and engaging in PvP
  • 200% extra Resources from gathering and fishing
  • 200% additional Silver from mobs
  • A reduction in resource weight by 66%
  • Everyone begins with 2,000 Learning Points
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All of these buffs will help progression much faster and smoother. The Albion East server will officially launch after this test, on March 20th. Founders will gain Early Access five days prior to this, on March 15th. The goal of the new server is to give players a fresh start in Albion’s massive world.

It also offers greater connection speeds and event times have been significantly optimized for players belonging to the Asia-Pacific region. After launch, both servers will be available at no cost, with an optional premium subscription.

For more information, visit Albion East’s official website. A detailed post about the CBT and Beta Guild Season can also be accessed through a dedicated piece. Do note that participating in this test is limited to players that own a Founder Pack.

You can download Albion Online now for free by clicking on your preferred link below.

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