AlarmGames bring you out of standby in the morning

Mobile gaming to kick you out of bed

AlarmGames bring you out of standby in the morning
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Even though I never know what time (or what day) it is, I’m still somehow thrown completely out of whack when the clocks change, as they did yesterday.

And so, bleary eyed and temporally dislocated, we find an email from Danish developer AlarmGames about its new range of... well, alarm games. This collection of mobile titles combine an alarm clock with mobile gaming to give you an extra kick out of bed.

The games can only be switched off or set to snooze by beating them (winning the games, not literally beating your phone against the wall as you do with your alarm clock). There are currently three different Alarm Games available:

The Waky Wayne AlarmGame
Waky Wayne is a grumpy old rooster who just cannot understand sleepy heads at all. It makes him angry that anyone can even think of staying in bed when there’s so much good to do in the morning. Your best chance with Wayne is to throw alarm clocks at him in a rush and make him shut up as quickly as you can.

Mr Z AlarmGame
Unlike other zombies, Mr Z is dependent on daylight to survive. He hates the night time but loves the morning. This made it hard for him to live with his fellow zombie friends so he had to move away from them at a young age. This guy is so much into waking you up that it gets scary.

Chicolina AlarmGame
Chicolina lives in a meadow in the countryside. The sun is always up early and Chicolina is wandering about all day long thinking about what to do. When she was most bored she asked us if we had work for her. We suggested her the job of waking up our users in her own AlarmGame. This is something she does with true sweetness and affection. Pluck flowers for Chicolina to win and mute this AlarmGame.

The Waky Wayne AlarmGame is also available for the iPhone, so you’ve no excuse for being late for work again. Unless, of course, you miss the bus because you’re busy trying to finish the game.