Make a game of airport security on iOS with 99c Airport Scanner

Belts off, nothing in your pockets

Make a game of airport security on iOS with 99c Airport Scanner
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For many travelers, mobile gaming provides a convenient escape from the tediums of travel.

The Kedlin Company aims to change this by bringing the focus of mobile gaming back to air travel itself with its new title Airport Scanner.

The core gameplay of Airport Scanner allows players to choose between Honolulu, Las Vegas, and Chicago airports as they join the ranks of the Transportation Security Administration in a never-ending quest to keep the planes and travellers safe from harm.

Laptops in a separate bin

Equipped with an upgradable X-Ray scanner and a trio of burly TSA guards, the player scans through pieces of carry on luggage searching for weapons, drugs, and other exciting real life airport contraband.

A log book helps players document their more notable finds and catalog the mysterious rare items which will pop up periodically.

Yet Airport Scanner is far more than a hidden object-style of puzzle game.

The gameplay features strong line management elements (first class passengers and crew must be prioritised, after all) as well as criminal prosecution mini-games as the player decides what level of punishment to mete out to would-be offenders.

Conservatively prosecuted criminals will yield few X-Ray bucks whereas more aggressive fines and charges will give bigger rewards - but also carry the risk of counter-litigation from the passengers themselves.

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