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Free iPhone game: Airbender

Free on Tuesday 23rd November for 'Thanksgiving week'

Free iPhone game: Airbender
| Airbender
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Thanksgiving week Sale
Price Dropped to FREE!!!

Go home and have fun!

This is a challenging quiz app including 120 quiz cards on the Avatar the last Airbender.

Are you a true fan of the show? Well prove your knowledge by testing yourself and your friends to see who really knows it all!

We are not affiliated with Nickelodeon or The Movie, but it doesn't mean we aren't cool!

*120 Quiz Cards
*Customizable Quiz Settings
*iPhone, iPod, iPad - all device support
*iOS4 ready

If you have problems loading the app make sure and update your device to the latest iOS4 Version.

Also if you find any questions that appear to have the wrong answers(or just appear questionable) please document the question number and category and send us an message to our support email. We will try our best to get it resolved as soon as robotically possible.

One more thing...
We love hearing from you! Please tell us your ideas, and give us some feedback. We are here for you!

Have fun and good luck!

Wayne Turton
Wayne Turton
Wayne's childhood ambition was to become a superhero. However, having been told that running round in tights is improper adult behaviour he now spends his days playing video games and watching cartoons instead. Millions of citizens sleep more soundly in the knowledge that he isn't watching over them.