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Top 5 AFK Journey teams at the moment

Top 5 AFK Journey teams at the moment

It's not easy to compose a team capable of clearing most of the game modes. Here are five best teams in AFK Journey that will slice through content like butter.

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AFK Journey is primarily focused on AFK grinding, as the title also suggests. I will give you a little bit of insight into some of the best teams in AFK Journey, that you can assemble without investing all of your resources and in-game currency.

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When you want to put together a team, you should always have in mind some basic team formation tips:

  • You need at least one DPS
  • You need a Tank or two
  • You need at least a Healer/Support

Every team in AFK Journed should be a front-to-back formation because that way you can keep your damage dealers alive for as long as possible. That's one of the main reasons why you need at least a decent Tank in the front line, with a good Healer to keep them alive.

Most of the best AFK Journey teams have that concept nailed down because otherwise, they will not be able to survive for too long. The more you progress, the harder enemies hit, and if your entire team is made up of damage dealers or supports (to buff the damage or Energy recovery), then you can't get too far.

Get the best heroes from the very beginning

We mentioned the best heroes in the AFK Journey tier list, so you should try to focus on getting those first, or at least a couple of the core ones.

You can try rerolling your account or playing with the characters that you already have until you get the best ones. Either way, the basic team formation tips we mentioned before still apply.

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Team #1

Screenshot of hero Cecia Screenshot of hero Antandra Screenshot of hero Brutus Screenshot of hero Rowan Screenshot of hero Smokey & Meerky
Cecia Antandra Brutus Rowan Smokey & Meerky
Recommended Artifact: Sharshard Spell

How this team works

Cecia is the main damage dealer of this team and the only one at that. This team relies mainly on Antandra and Brutus tanking, while Rowan and Smokey & Meerky provide enough healing and Energy recovery for Cecia to pop her ultimate and decimate the enemies.

In this team, you want to have one copy of Brutus, because he is here mainly for his invincibility, which delays the time it takes enemies to reach the back line. It also gives Cecia more time to charge her Energy and cast.

With Rowan, the main character you get from the beginning of the game, you have a very good character to further buff Cecia and increase her Energy recovery, while Smokey & Meerky will mainly heal the front line.

This is the best team for pushing levels and AFK grinding, which works well into the end game.

Team #2

Screenshot of hero Cecia Screenshot of hero Brutus Screenshot of hero Koko Screenshot of hero Rowan Screenshot of hero Smokey
Cecia Koko Brutus Rowan Smokey & Meerky
Recommended Artifact: Sharshard Spell

How this team works

This team is very similar to the first one we mentioned, but it has a slight change. Instead of having 2 tanks and 2 healers alongside the damage dealer, you have 1 tank and 3 healers, one of which sometimes steps in as a secondary tank.

Just like in the previously mentioned team, this one relies on having Cecia as the main damage dealer, while the others are stalling until she charges her skill. Brutus is once again the main tank, solely because of his invincibility, and whenever he is out of commission, Koko is the one who will step in and tank a little bit of the damage.

Rowan and Smokey & Meerky are the other healers, with Rowan's main purpose being the Energy recharge for Cecia to cast her skill.

Team #3

Screenshot of hero Odie Screenshot of hero Smokey Screenshot of hero Koko Screenshot of hero Antandra Screenshot of hero Thoran
Odie Koko Antandra Brutus/Thoran Smokey & Meerky
Recommended Artifact: Sharshard Spell

How this team works

>This team could also be the main Maulers team. It has full Maulers synergy since all 5 characters belong to the Maulers faction. In terms of power, it can be very strong, especially if you upgrade all of the characters.

Odie is the best alternative to Cecia when it comes to damage dealing in this team setup. Odie is a good DPS that deals damage over time, and just like Cecia, requires your front line to stall as long as possible.

With Smokey & Meerky and Koko you have plenty of healing, which helps the front liners by a lot. If you have Brutus instead of Thoran, he works in a similar way to how it does on the Brutus-Cecia team, stalling with his invincibility until Odie can pull off the damage required to kill the enemy team.

Team #4

Screenshot of hero Eironn Screenshot of hero Lyca Screenshot of hero Granny Dahnie Screenshot of hero Bryon Screenshot of hero Hewynn
Eironn/Cecia/Rowan Lyca Granny Dahnie Bryon Hewynn
Recommended Artifact: Sharshard Spell

How this team works

In this fourth team we have a solid front-to-back Wilders comp, that is not exactly easy to put together but can work wonders. Of course, you can also use Rowan or Cecia for a more flexible team, depending on who you already have.

In terms of damage, you have either Eironn or Cecia, as well as Bryon. They all work great, and you typically want to go for a combination of them. With Granny Dahnie providing the solid front line and Hewynn granting very solid healing, you can keep Granny Dahnie alive until the DPS characters delete the enemies.

With Lyca as a secondary (or tertiary) carry, you have a little bit more help damage-wise, but also some Physical Defense Shred, which helps a little bit.

All in all, it's a solid formation, but is not easy to get them all from the very beginning, so this could be a team you can aim for if you got lucky in the gacha or if you are looking for another comp to change things up.

Team #5

Screenshot of hero Cecia Screenshot of hero Viperian Screenshot of hero Thoran Screenshot of hero Hewynn Screenshot of hero Brutus
Cecia Viperian Thoran Rowan/Hewynn Lucius/Brutus
Recommended Artifact: Sharshard Spell

How this team works

Wrapping up the top AFK Arena teams we have the Graveborn flex team, which adds a little bit from everything we've talked about so far.

We have Cecia as the main damage dealer, along with Viperian, who also grants the 3 Graveborn bonus to the team. Viperian has an outstanding AoE, which paired with Cecia's kit, makes this a very fun team to play around.

In terms of the front line, we have Thoran, along with Brutus or Lucius, whichever you have, to stay alive and stall the enemies until the damage dealers' skills pop off.

As for the healing part, you can either go for Rowan, which you already have as the beginner character, or for Hewynn, who is one of the best healers in the game. Either way, they will work wonders.

This team is highly flexible, and you can always play around with the units you add, shifting the extra tank (Lucius or Brutus) with a second healer, ultimately having a 1 tank - 2 DPS - 2 healers team.

Now that we are done with the best teams for AFK Journey, redeem every available code and claim the rewards!

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