Aether Gazer's latest update features the Where the Butterfly Belongs story

Aether Gazer's latest update features the Where the Butterfly Belongs story

Yostar has just released a new update for its anime-themed ARPG, Aether Gazer, titled Where the Butterfly Belongs. It brings an exciting storyline to the game, alongside a tonne of other content including a limited-time event, four modifiers, two ultimate skill chains, and a plethora of rewards to go with them.

The Where the Butterfly Belongs story event in Aether Gazer focuses on the effects of the Phantom Butterfly on Ain Soph. It is available until September 4th, and tasks players with participating in a number of game modes which grant rewards like Shifted Stars, Ain Soph Coins, and Battle Records T3.


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In addition, players can also earn Lost Seedbanes by clearing stages, which can be exchanged for more valuable items in the Supplies Exchange Centre. More a few more goodies, everyone can take advantage of the login event which offers Coolants, Spirit Extract T3, and more.

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The update further introduces the Deepnight Darkstar Premium Precise Scan and the Ephemeral Fantasy Precise Scan which boost the drop rates for the new modifiers. Each of them offers something unique, adding a new flavour to the game. Here’s a look at them:

  • S-Grade Modifier: Darkstar – Hel
  • S-Grade Modifier: Phantasmal Dawn – Hera
  • A-Grade Modifier: Comet R4Y – Zenkibo Tengu
  • A-Grade Modifier: Windwalker – Hermes

Accompanying the new modifiers are functions to enhance the experience. They considerably increase the damage efficiency of these characters.

  • 5-star Functor Elf – Muriel for Hel
  • 5-star Shikigami – Kurudooji for Zenkibo Tengu
  • 5-star Functor Heral – Miriam for Hera
  • 5-star Heral – Pegasus for Hermes

To top it off, players can also get their hands on two new ultimate skill chains for the new modifiers. Comet Circling is for Hel and Zenkibo Tengu, while Starwind is for Hera and Hermes.

Explore everything the new update has on offer by downloading Aether Gazer now for free by clicking on your preferred link below.

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