Aether Gazer, the upcoming ARPG from Yostar, is open for pre-registration

Aether Gazer, the upcoming ARPG from Yostar, is open for pre-registration
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After being announced only a few weeks ago, the much anticipated Aether Gazer, Yostar’s latest gacha ARPG, has officially opened pre-registration. Aether Gazer has attracted a lot of attention due to its striking visuals, wonderful character designs, and exciting high-octane, fast-paced gameplay.

Aether Gazer is the next big drop from the massive mobile gaming developer Yostar and looks to be punching in the same leagues as legends like Honkai Impact or Punishing Gray Raven. The gameplay looks quite similar too, sporting the classic ARPG control scheme of having all of your buttons and ability prompts on one side of the screen while the joystick is on the other. You can expect the same breakneck speed combat as well, forcing your fingers to dance across the entire screen as you dodge and weave between enemy attacks while throwing out your own.

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As is the case with most mobile ARPGs, you can expect an expansive cast of characters as well, each featuring their own combat style. While few have been revealed, the skillsets between this cast will differ massively, and you’ll have to find which team of three clicks with you. With a team of three, you can also expect to be swapping between each mid-combat as well, much in the same vein as the previously mentioned PGR.

Between Aether Gazer and the recently announced Quantum Maki, it looks like action RPG fans have a lot to look forward to this year. If you’d like to get involved with Aether Gazer specifically and pre-register to get ahead of the curve, you can check out either of the links below. As for more information including screenshots, trailers, and more, you can also check out the official Aether Gazer website!

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