Aether Gazer releases Chapter 11 with a new questline, modifiers, and events

Aether Gazer releases Chapter 11 with a new questline, modifiers, and events

Yostar has just released the highly-anticipated expansion for Aether Gazer, which introduces the eleventh chapter of the anime-themed mobile ARPG. Titled the Grand Centenary Ceremony, this update brings a plethora of new storylines to dive into, as well as several in-game events. It will be available until November 14th, offering players four new modifiers, three ultimate skillchains, and numerous rewards.

Aether Gazer’s eleventh chapter revolves around Athena, the commander of the Knights of Convallaria. Now that her recovery is complete, she joins the rest of the crew as they pursue Radon. Athena knows she is not going to miss her target this time.

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Meanwhile, the Ardisis festival will also reach its peak. It is a gorgeous sight with a myriad of fascinating puppets on display. While it may be a sight to behold, something much more sinister is happening in the dark. It is up to the players to find out what the enemy has planned before time runs out.

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The update also allows players to participate in multiple limited-time events like the Elemental Partitas, Marvelous Melodies, and the Hallway to Ascension. Rewards for participating include Shifted Stars, Function Factors, Polymerized Function Crystals, Variation Data Blocks and Dazzling Album.

They can be exchanged for the exclusive Knight of Gloria outfit for Athena. Chord of Convallaria – Athena also happens to be one of the new S-Grade modifiers joining the game. Athena is a cello player whose main weapon is also a large sword that has been modified into a cello. Her musical inclination is seen on the battlefield as well, as she strikes with perfect melody and rhythm.

Other modifiers joining include Backflowing – Oceanus, another S-Grade modifier and Enlightening – Heimdall and Cleansing Wind – Enlil, both A-Grade modifiers. To top it off, players can take their combat skills to the next level with three new ultimate skillchains, sigils, and functors for the new characters.

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