AdventureQuest Worlds: Infinity, the popular browser MMORPG, is coming to mobile

AdventureQuest Worlds: Infinity, the popular browser MMORPG, is coming to mobile

When talking about browser RPGs, it’s hard not to mention AdventureQuests Worlds, which is regarded as one of the best of all times in its genre. Artix Entertainment has given the game over 15 years of support with new items, monsters, and questlines on a weekly basis. This support continues as a downloadable version of the game is set to launch soon.

The new version is called AdventureQuests Worlds: Infinity and it will release for mobile and PC. 15 years is quite a long time and players that had accounts on the browser version will easily be able to shift to the new one and access their existing character and items. The entire storyline has been remastered, featuring over 50,000 items, and 200 classes, all at 60fps.

This isn’t your ordinary port. Infinity is as good as a new game as the developers will be reanimating 1,500 cutscenes, more than 5,000 monsters, and 4,000 pets, all by hand. The servers are also being built from the ground up. The gameplay should not feel dated at all thanks to smoother and more intuitive controls, joystick support, particle systems, and a much cleaner interface.

AdventureQuests Worlds: Infinity will remaster the original The 13 Lords of Chaos storyline. This gives both new and old players the chance to enjoy the iconic action that the original game offered. This doesn’t mean the browser game is shutting down, though. It will continue to receive weekly updates, with the ultimate goal being to make both games catch up and simultaneously add content to both.

Artix has some ambitious plans, but if there’s anyone to can achieve this, it’s definitely them. AdventureQuests Worlds: Infinity will enter the beta testing stage later this year. Eager fans will get a first look at the game soon, at PAX East 2023 between March 23rd and 26th.

For more information, check out the official website.

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