Everplay reveals spiritual Spell Sword successor, Ace of Blades

You win some, lose some

Everplay reveals spiritual Spell Sword successor, Ace of Blades
| Ace of Blades

Did you like Everplay's manic arena brawler Spell Sword but secretly wished it were actually a platformer with levels and puzzles?

Well, you're not alone, and you're in luck.

Everplay has listened to player feedback and has revealed that it's working on a spiritual successor to the Bronze Award-winning Spell Sword.

This pseudo-sequel, entitled Ace of Blades, has similar graphics and controls to Spell Sword, but falls into the category of traditional platformer.

The game features a scrappy young hero who sets off to become the "Ace of Blades" by exploring distant worlds and adding magic swords to his ever-growing arsenal of blades. There's also a clever physics engine for puzzle elements.


We dug Spell Sword. In our review of it, we said it was "tough in most of the right places", and while it "might miss a few tricks, its core gameplay is solid enough to keep you playing regardless".

We weren't so pleased when the game performed a volte-face, and reinvented itself as a freemium game, though. For what it's worth, Ace of Blades will be a paid app when it hits iPhone and iPad in early 2013.