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Abandon Ship, an action-adventure game that lets you become a pirate, is out now on Android and iOS

Abandon Ship, an action-adventure game that lets you become a pirate, is out now on Android and iOS
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All aboard! Plug in Digital and Fireblade Software’s action-adventure game – Abandon Ship has finally been ported to mobile. The ship that set sail from the land of computers has now reached the shores of Android and iOS, giving mobile players a chance to enjoy the surreal experience of being a pirate trying to survive on the seven seas.

In Abandon Ship, players assume command of a ship called the Age of Sail along with a crew that accompanies them throughout their journey. As they explore the vastness of the oceans, players will come across islands that tell different stories. All these islands will let sailors experience different themes and biomes like the Haunted Seas full of ghosts, Spider Islands full of, well arachnids, and other regions containing icebergs, poisonous gas, and more.

The waters will be filled with foes as well as pirates will come across enemy ships and sea monsters with which they must engage in battle. The weather is no one’s friend as well as players can expect tidal waves, blizzards and lightning to mess things up for them. To combat all this peril, ships must be upgraded to feature the best offenses and defences.

There are numerous stories to choose from as well. The main quest involves overthrowing a Cthulu-esque Cult, Freeplay mode allows for recreating the legacy of ancestors, while Sword of the Cult makes players one of Father’s children, from where they must climb ranks to acquire the ultimate weapon – The Kraken. A tonne of things are available to do in Abandon Ships, you’ll be doing everything except abandoning your ship!

Here's your chance to fulfil your lifelong dream of ruling over all water bodies. Download Abandon Ship now for free on the App Store and Google Play and become the pirate you want to be.

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