A3: Still Alive is hosting a number of events to celebrate the integration of their blockchain technology

A3: Still Alive is hosting a number of events to celebrate the integration of their blockchain technology
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Netmbarle’s A3: Still Alive has seen the establishment of a brand new global blockchain ecosystem to push the boundaries of the game. This led to the introduction of a new utility called Inetrium to the dark fantasy open-world RPG. The developers have just announced the completion of the integration of the Marblex Wallet Dex Service. To celebrate this launch, Netmarble is hosting a number of events throughout the month, which will give players a chance to get their hands on heaps of rewards.

Red Diamond Giveaway Event

This event has already been going on for some time and will run over the weekend until May 23rd. It gives players on different servers a chance to obtain up to 200 Red Diamonds when they fulfil certain criteria:

  • 50 Red Diamonds after reaching three million Combat Power
  • 50 Red Diamonds after reaching five million Combat Power
  • 100 Red Diamonds after reaching seven million Combat Power

Inetrium Airdrop Giveaway

Players can obtain additional Inetrium beginning May 23rd through this event. Participation is simple. Players just need to take on missions given by Gleam and try to complete them with the best possible score. Those falling in the top 100 mission scores will be gifted 50 ITU while those going above 160 entries will be placed into a lucky draw with a random few winning five ITU each. It goes without saying that the Marblex Wallet must be linked to A3 to participate.

Inetrium Buyback and Burn Event

This is an important event as it will aid in the maintenance of ITU’s valuation. The event will let players trade their Inetrium for a higher rate of MBXL. Beginning May 25th, all trades will begin until May 31st.

If you haven’t tried out a game using blockchain technology yet, you can do so by downloading A3: Still Alive for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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