A3: Still Alive’s newest update introduces Battle Royale mode, new events, and more

A3: Still Alive’s newest update introduces Battle Royale mode, new events, and more

Netmarble’s A3: Still Alive has received a new update on iOS and Android, introducing a brand new Battle Royale game mode and in-game events.

The Flooded Metium is a Battle Royale mode where competitive players can enter the arena to conquer an unexplored map. Player Soul Linkers also received an enhancement, with the original 7-Star Soul Linkers able to be upgraded to 8-star level. Additionally, the Somius Wake Night Festival event launches on 28th January before the next major update for A3: Still Alive becomes available, allowing you to prepare and collect rewards you’ll need in advance.

Furthermore, there are a lot of smaller events occurring in A3: Still Alive throughout the month. Here’s a list briefing everything that’s happening, but the full details can be found at this link here.

• Battle Pass Season 2: 7 Day Check in Event (1/14 – 1/28)
• Veteran 7 Day Guide Mission (1/14 – 2/4)
• 8? Release Celebration Exchange Event (1/14 – 2/4)
• 8? Release Celebration Event: Upgraded Reward for Today’s Activity (1/14 – 2/4)
• Refuge of the Dead B2 - Winner Takes it All (1/14 – 2/4)
• Open! Guild Exchange Market (1/14 – 3/4)
• 7 Day Check-In (1/21 – 2/4)
• BOX Event (1/21 – 2/4)
• Gold Consumption Event (1/21 – 2/4)
• Prepare for the Adventure (1/28 – 2/4)
• Complete the Codex (1/29 – 2/3)

A3: Still Alive is Netmarble’s dark fantasy MMO set in an apocalyptic fantasy world of swords and sorcery that pairs the enormous living worlds of open world RPGs with the tense combat of Battle Royale. The game combines intense player vs player encounters with player vs environment combat, all while sporting impressive console-quality graphics.

If you're interested in checking out these new events, you can download A3: Still Alive now as a free to play title from the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android. It also has in-app purchases.

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