A Memoir Blue is an upcoming interactive poem that’s coming to iOS in October

A Memoir Blue is an upcoming interactive poem that’s coming to iOS in October
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Publisher Annapurna Interactive has just announced A Memoir Blue, a new interactive poem developed by Cloisters Interactive. There isn’t much to go on about the game right now except that it’s likely to be another narrative hit - a quality we can expect from the publisher of The Pathless, Florence, and If Found.

According to the overview of the game, A Memoir Blue will take players on a narrative journey through the life of a superstar athlete and her mom. This interactive poem will tackle your average mother-daughter relationship, as well as showcase the ups, downs, and unparalleled love between the two. Star swimmer Miriam appears to have had a bit of a strained relationship with her mother and will likely have to relive memories to resolve deep-seated issues.

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The game features a gorgeous hand-drawn aesthetic and combines it with elements of 3D art to create a truly unique visual experience. It’s a memorable journey of magic realism, as it seems like the game is mostly set underwater. Symbolisms are aplenty, of course, as Miriam will have to swim to the deepest waters of her memories and go through everything from childhood joys to unforgettable heartbreaks.

There’s no exact price tag yet for the mobile release of A Memoir Blue at the moment, but it’s supposedly hitting iOS devices on October 12th, as well as other platforms like Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam. You can take a look at the embedded teaser trailer above to get a feel of the gameplay - and maybe even shed a tear or two. If you’re a huge fan of narrative-driven games, it honestly looks like something you should dive into in a heartbeat.

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