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A Bite of Town is a new 3D cooking game out now for iOS

A Bite of Town is a new 3D cooking game out now for iOS
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jiawei hou has released their 3D cooking game, A Bite of Town, onto iOS.

In A Bite of Town, you open a restaurant and must serve hungry customers all while customising it and ensuring you’re still making a profit.

You must renovate the old dessert house to give it a new look. You can do this by painting the walls, restoring the roof and refurbishing the containers, allowing you to create your very own restaurant with lots of variety.

A Bite of Town features fully rendered 3D characters who express their emotions in a vivid and realistic fashion. The scenes are also created this way too, giving life to the buildings that you see throughout the game. It’s not just the restaurant you can see but also amusement parks, castles and zoos.

This is also where other aspects of customisation comes in. In A Bite of Town, you’re not just renovating a restaurant but also repairing the old castle to restore it to its former glory, or you’re rebuilding the abandoned amusement park to bring in more tourists.

Of course, what’s a good cooking game without a cast of colourful characters? You play as Aileen who returns to her quiet hometown to save it from a dishonest businessman. Along the way you meet and connect with wholesome characters such as Henry, a friend in town, Edward the elegant mayor and Leo, a handsome but arrogant individual.

You can check out A Bite of Town on the iOS App Store, where it is a free to play game with in-app purchases.

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