8 Ball Pool celebrates 10 year anniversary by releasing player metrics and special update

8 Ball Pool celebrates 10 year anniversary by releasing player metrics and special update
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Miniclip is marking a whole decade since the launch of its online pool game, 8 Ball Pool, with a special update as well as releasing details about the game’s playerbase.

The celebratory update for 8 Ball Pool introduces a special ‘Bismuth’ cue to the game. It is named after the Bismuth Stone, a rare mineral known for its ability to transform and change appearance.

This cue is also the game’s first ever animated and evolving cue, with its appearance changing with each cue upgrade.

There will also be a whole month of activities and rewards coming throughout June, with unique quests and minigames for players to complete as well as a 10-year themed Season Pass. Miniclip is bringing out all the big guns for this, as there will also be giveaways and celebrity appearances involved during the celebrations.

Meanwhile, Miniclip has also released details about 8 Ball Pool’s player count, and it’s quite impressive. Every month, the game racks up 15 billion minutes of in-game play time, 1.6 billion matches, 19 billion shots, and 15 billion balls potted.

And in the last three years, over 1.5 trillion minutes have been spent in-game as well as 115 billion matches played, so that's quite a lot of buzz the game is still generating considering it's a decade old at this point!

8 Ball Pool’s 10-year anniversary celebrations are also coinciding with Miniclip’s 20th, which started in 2001 by co-founder and now President Rob Small. The website today offers over 60 high-quality titles across 195 countries, with over 50 million active daily players.

You can download 8 Ball Pool from the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store, where it is a free to play game containing adverts and in-app purchases.

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